200 Strong is the Goal!

200 Strong is our Goal!  We want to have 150+ People doing Pro Bono Paralegal Work and around 50 Attorneys using us for paralegal work for their Pro Bono Cases.  The reason why we are charging $24/monthly for a subscription as a supporting member is to create a sense of giving to a good cause by either doing work or helping us defray administrative costs.  Our subscribers and pro bono workers make it important to get back to each other and to give value to their membership by putting in the hours that it takes to do the law work we are all doing as a collaborative litigation team for the Pro Bono Client.

We follow the same basic business model as the rest of Apex Law Service, where we do an intake interview with a person who has a legal issue, then talk with an attorney who seems like a good fit who also wants to do pro bono work, and then when we introduce the attorney to the client, if the attorney offers to take the case and the client with the legal issue takes them up on the offer and they begin an attorney client contractual relationship, we then have the attorney ratify any initial gathering and organizing paralegal work that may already have been done.  From that point the attorney will direct the work that is done for the client and will supervise via a managing pro bono paralegal.


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