How it works!

Dear Members and Prospective Members,

We have a very straightforward way of doing things.  We give people who want to do pro bono paralegal work for pro bono attorneys a email address if they have a qualified resume.  We ask that people become supporting members to help us cover administrative costs if at all possible.  Attorneys and people who want to do paralegal research and writing both signup as supporting members the same way via the menu bar supporting membership tab.

You are not required to be a part of the law industry to be a supporting member, nor are you required to do any work.  Paying for a supporting membership is not a requirement to do work with Praxis Professional.  We have Supporting Membership Subscription Options from $6/mo. all the way up to $96/mo. and it all goes to covering the bills and keeping things moving forward.  We are going to be building more and more elements of value on the website for supporting members, but you will always know you have helped us provide service to people in need and to groups who help people, and it is basically categorized as a monthly small business grant because we are not a non-profit though the money goes towards administrative costs of facilitating pro bono work for the end client.  Currently the bio pages are kept at a skeleton level of information to keep operations streamlined.

After you setup your bio page and have your email address issued to you, we begin connecting you together with different teams of attorneys and/or people doing paralegal research and writing so that you can work collaboratively with one another to accomplish pro bono work for law clients.  The contracts for pro bono services, memberships and insurance policies are all maintained by Apex Law Service and DocupletionForms.

It is a simple network with a straightforward goal of keeping the doors open by maintaining an average roster of between 150-250 members who pay their monthly membership fees which gives us enough of an operating budget to coordinate everything that needs to be coordinated and to continue to reach out to prospective members and people in need of pro bono services.



James Polk

Coordinator of

Trustee of Apex Law Service, Operators of &

If you have sensitive documents or information please send emails with attachments to our HIPAA Compliant Email Box