Evil Prevails When Good Men Do Nothing

Not like anybody reading this doesn’t have a million different things to do already.  I got this message in my email this morning from a comment on a YouTube video that I made about politics.  “Evil prevails when good men do nothing” is what it read, with a “hang in there”.  Now, my exact set of viewpoints probably were not adequately expressed in the comment I made to the YouTube video to which the person was responding back, but the basic sentiment really fits with respect to keeping up a presence online and maintaining a volunteer project so that people can participate in the work that many are doing to help crime victims and the vulnerable of many types.  Access to justice is the basic category into which this type of set of project categories fall.

We are not making up a category into which we are placing crime victims.  People are vulnerable and need us to stand up for them after they have been victimized.  Our main goal is to band together as a group of volunteer paralegals to do work for attorneys who have taken crime victims on as clients so that they can sue their aggressors and other parties who have been negligent.  There are other things that can be done for crime victims as well.  We can help them apply for public services and other resources to help them get and keep their feet on the ground.  The list is almost endless and growing every day.

“Evil prevails when good men do nothing”.

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