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Email James@ApexLawService.com if you are interested in volunteering to help advocate for sex trafficking victim’s by helping us with volunteer paralegal work for the attorneys who take sex trafficking victims on as pro bono clients.


A parent’s worst nightmare.

When a child goes missing, especially if they are believed to have fallen victim to sex trafficking, it can be a parent’s worst nightmare. With limited resources and support from law enforcement, many families turn to private investigators for help in finding their loved ones. Private investigators play a crucial role in locating and rescuing victims of sex trafficking, and their work is vital in bringing these perpetrators to justice.

What is an NGO?

At Praxis Professional, we are dedicated to connecting pro bono attorneys with volunteer paralegals who are willing to assist in the fight against sex trafficking. Our platform works closely with other NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) that specialize in combating human trafficking both domestically and abroad. NGOs often act as liaisons between private investigators, law enforcement agencies, lawyers and social workers, providing crucial information and support during an investigation.

So how do private investigators find missing children who have been trafficked?

The process can begin with receiving tips from concerned citizens or even anonymous sources. This information can include anything from location sightings of the missing individual to potential suspects involved in the crime.  Private investigators also use surveillance techniques such as stakeouts or tracking electronic devices like cell phones or credit cards used by the victim or perpetrator. By monitoring their movements, they can gather valuable intelligence on where the victim could be located.

Another technique utilized by private investigators is interviewing witnesses or individuals who may have interacted with the victim before their disappearance. This could include friends, family members, acquaintances, or even online contacts through social media platforms.  In some cases, private investigators may also utilize forensic methods such as DNA analysis or facial recognition technology to identify potential suspects connected to the crime. By working hand-in-hand with specialized forensics teams and utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, they can gather evidence that can lead them closer to finding the kidnapped child.

Private investigators may also collaborate with other professionals such as computer experts who can assist in tracking down digital footprints left behind by the perpetrator. This could include analyzing emails, social media profiles, or other online content.

The Mission

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You can volunteer with us in a multitude of ways to support our basic focus of doing volunteer paralegal work for the attorneys who represent sex trafficking victims.

We connect sex trafficking victims who have been rescued from sex trafficking situations by our private investigator contacts with attorneys who can help them in a multitude of ways. We then do the paralegal work the attorneys ask us to do.

We have all kinds of tasks that we need volunteers to help us with other than just paralegal work in case you were worried about not being a trained paralegal.

Just email james@apexlawservice.com and we can begin the conversation.

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