Cataloging Points and Authorities Case Briefs for use as Future Case Law

We are building a Knowledge Base with an AI Knowledge Management System out of Case Briefs that our Volunteers are writing one case at a time.  Please write if you are interested in briefing a case.  The work done is being done as a volunteer for our NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) which is a Private Foundation formed as a Business Trust.

When briefing the cases the Volunteers are simply briefing without Attorney Supervision and we are saving up the Briefs so that case by case, as Attorney Clients we recruit to do Pro Bono Work on Sex Trafficking Victim Cases from our Private Investigator Contacts who have rescued the Victims, we will have a growing number of more easily searchable case briefs for the Attorneys to draw off of for their work.  They will then later ratify some of the work done as de facto paralegal work and we will probably put different writers into small groups to write different combo briefs that draw off of the different cases that our Volunteers have briefed.

This is how we are moving forward and building a valuable tool for the Pro Bono Attorneys who we are recruiting to help the Victims our friends have rescued.  Below are the beginning set of cases and some documentation of the issues that we want simply to assign a person to each case to brief:

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